Villager SMP

Welcome to Villager SMP, a modded Minecraft survival server created in July of 2023. If you’re looking for a peaceful SMP, then stop right here. You have found what you were looking for.

Villager SMP is online 24/7 waiting for you to join! What are you waiting for? Hop on Minecraft and prepare for an adventure!

You start with 10000 coins that are usable to buy crates. We do this to help you get a fair start to the server. We have also adapted the SMP to give you the best experience possible.However, there could be some bugs here and there, so if you would like to help us improve the given experience, please don’t hesitate to make a ticket and tell us what went wrong! Remember, the staff team is here to help!

How do I join Villager SMP?

You can join Villager SMP by using the following addresses:

If you have any connection probems, use

If you’d like to join the Discord server, click here.

What did you add in Villager SMP?

Villager SMP includes many fun things, such as crates, an economy system, giveaways, and an auction system. I will describe what they are used for.

The crate system is a group of shulker boxes found at the hub, where you need a key to open them. You can get this key by right-clicking Bob the Shopkeeper and buying the key, or you can win it in giveaways.

Using the economy system is like using money in real life. You can pay it by using a command (/pay <player> <amount>), and you can gain it by selling items (/shop or /ah sell <amount> while having the item in your hand), or winning a giveaway in our Discord server.

The auction system is used to buy items that other players are selling. You can open this auction system by typing “/ah”, and you can sell stuff by typing “/ah sell <price>”.