Welcome to Villager Boy Web – the website where I put all my projects.

My name is Robert and I am a general developer. I still don’t know in depth who I am, but I like working with computer stuff. I also do gaming activities, specifically in Minecraft, and this videogame has taken me somewhere.

I’ve made many Minecraft servers before, like Villager Boy Host, Villager SMP, and Villager PE. Now I will briefly describe what these servers are.

Villager PE is made for the alpha versions 0.14.X and 0.15.X of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This server, unlike the other ones, is joinable. The details are on the right.

Villager SMP is an SMP that I originally made in 1.19.0 of Java Edition, but I have no place to host this server. It is, however, saved on my computer, because I don’t delete any of my work.

Villager Boy Host is a Minecraft network that I made in 1.16.5, but then got upgraded to 1.18.2, then 1.20.1, and is still on my computer. Just like Villager SMP, I am not able to host this server as either.

I also made a YouTube channel, which I still maintain, and I constantly upload on it every week, specifically every Saturday.

I upload gaming content on it, specifically Minecraft, including server reviews. Sometimes I make tech tutorials, but right now, I’m getting more views by making Minecraft content, so I’m sticking with it.

I can conclude this brief summary before I write anything else, otherwise you’ll stay here until midnight. If you’d like to check out my about me, click here.

I’m warning you, it’s long and very detailed. Have fun!

PE.VILAGERBOY.COM is the address, and 2113 is the port for Villager PE. You can read more about the server on the left.

I also made a review for this server, on my channel, to show you what minigames it has, as well as how to play them.

If you could review this server, I would appreciate it a lot, and let’s make Villager PE famous!